LDS EVENT 12 02 2020

Danses apprises 2021 - 2022


Noms Fiches  Liens Vidéo
KESI Kesi id152507 1Kesi id152507 1 (59.67 Ko)
MY ONE AND ONLY Me one and only 1Me one and only 1 (526.57 Ko)

LA BAILES La bailes id134978La bailes id134978 (13.09 Ko)
ON TOP OF THE WORLD On top of the world id135797On top of the world id135797 (60.67 Ko)
JERUSALEMA Jerusalema id143546 3Jerusalema id143546 3 (62.53 Ko)

TAKE YOU DANCING EZ Take you dancing ez id147048Take you dancing ez id147048 (59.51 Ko)
NO DRAMA EZ No drama ezNo drama ez (297.09 Ko)
ROQUET TO THE SUN Rocket to the sun id92079 2Rocket to the sun id92079 2 (13.58 Ko)

Musique (variante) :

I LIKE PINA COLADAS I like pina coladas id153221I like pina coladas id153221 (60.1 Ko)
PLAY EZ Play ez fr id134604Play ez fr id134604 (60.49 Ko)
HAVE A GOOD TIME Have a good time 1Have a good time 1 (174.84 Ko)
GOOD FEELINGS Good feelings 2Good feelings 2 (236.69 Ko)

SALT, LIME & TEQUILA Salt lime tequila id149987 1Salt lime tequila id149987 1 (59.49 Ko)
BROKE Broke id146353 1Broke id146353 1 (59.59 Ko)
BEBETO Bebeto frBebeto fr (113.35 Ko)

les Pas & Comptes :

MAMMA MARIA Mamma maria id77629 1Mamma maria id77629 1 (59.76 Ko)
I'D RATHER BE YOURS TONIGHT !! Id rather be yours tonight id155240 1Id rather be yours tonight id155240 1 (59.26 Ko)
CELTIC AUTUMN  Celtic automn smw2Celtic automn smw2 (94.28 Ko)
RAPATA EZ Rapata ez frRapata ez fr (117.21 Ko)


LOCO Loco fr id155803Loco fr id155803 (60.48 Ko)

ACAPULCO Acapulco id153827 2Acapulco id153827 2 (59.83 Ko)
GO CAT GO Go cat go id79419Go cat go id79419 (59.33 Ko)
I SWEAR, I SWEAR I swear i swear id159036 1I swear i swear id159036 1 (59.87 Ko)



Noms     Fiches Liens Videos
LOVE YOU CHA Love you cha id143579Love you cha id143579 (60.38 Ko)
OCEANS WILL CLIMB  Oceans will climb id140026 1Oceans will climb id140026 1 (60.35 Ko)
BUENA SUERTE Buena suerte fr 1Buena suerte fr 1 (94.4 Ko)
KEEP YOUNG Keep young id139297 1Keep young id139297 1 (60.67 Ko)
COLD HEART  Cold heart id153703 2Cold heart id153703 2 (60.17 Ko)
WEEKEND VIBES Weekend vibesWeekend vibes (238.41 Ko)
CABEZA Cabeza id140388Cabeza id140388 (59.08 Ko)
LIKE CHRISTMAS  Like christmas fr id146324 1Like christmas fr id146324 1 (60.81 Ko)


JUST FLY Just fly id154885Just fly id154885 (59.81 Ko)
GOOD VIBES Good vibes id131721 3Good vibes id131721 3 (14.96 Ko)

45 DEGREES 45 degrees fr id15621645 degrees fr id156216 (60.74 Ko)
DANCE MOM Dance mom id141799 2Dance mom id141799 2 (60.45 Ko)
COMO TU Come tu fr id158078Come tu fr id158078 (60.56 Ko)
AMERICAN KIDS American kidsAmerican kids (602.77 Ko)
CABEZA Cabeza id140388Cabeza id140388 (59.08 Ko)



WE'RE GOOD TO GO We re good to goWe re good to go (94.24 Ko)
DANCE MONKEY Dance monkey id135717 1Dance monkey id135717 1 (60.96 Ko)


SENORITA LA LA LA Senorita lalala fr id134536 3Senorita lalala fr id134536 3 (15.06 Ko)



Line dancer femme 1


Noms Fiches Liens Videos
IT'S OK Its ok id146071 2Its ok id146071 2 (59.54 Ko)
JUST KEEP FALLING Just keep falling id145660 2Just keep falling id145660 2 (59.66 Ko)
SHE CARES She cares id151655 2She cares id151655 2 (60.42 Ko)
PERFECT CRIME Perfect crime fr id144521 1Perfect crime fr id144521 1 (60.84 Ko)
3 TO TANGO 3 to tango id1359463 to tango id135946 (16.87 Ko)
CHAIN SMOKIN' Chain smokin frChain smokin fr (49.36 Ko)


IF YOU REALLY LOVE ME If you really love me id153446If you really love me id153446 (59.79 Ko)
BREAKING ME  Breaking me fr id140892 1Breaking me fr id140892 1 (60.96 Ko)
RAISED LIKE THAT Raised like that 2Raised like that 2 (247.52 Ko)
VENENO VenenoVeneno (146.53 Ko)
CHAMPAGNE PROMISE Champagne promise convertiChampagne promise converti (206.65 Ko)
GONE WEST Gone west id135360 2Gone west id135360 2 (60.45 Ko)
LIFE IS A MYSTERY Life is a mystery id155971Life is a mystery id155971 (60.27 Ko)
CELTIC DUO Celtic duo id123969Celtic duo id123969 (61.76 Ko)
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Message in a bottle frMessage in a bottle fr (114.05 Ko)


IN THE DARK In the dark 2022 id157677In the dark 2022 id157677 (60.22 Ko)
GOOD ON PAPER Good on paper fr id154407Good on paper fr id154407 (61.17 Ko)
GROOVY LOVE Groovy loveGroovy love (145.21 Ko)
POWER OVER ME Power over me id130594 2 1Power over me id130594 2 1 (16.95 Ko)
LA FUNKA La funkaLa funka (123.09 Ko)

Les comptes & pas

CONQUISTADOR Conquistador fr id156480Conquistador fr id156480 (61.12 Ko)

Line dancer femme 1


Noms Fiches Liens Vidéo
BAD HABITS Bad habits id152309Bad habits id152309 (61.71 Ko)
RHYTHM INSIDE Rhythm inside id117433 1Rhythm inside id117433 1 (61.68 Ko)
MY BESTIE My bestie id151204 2My bestie id151204 2 (60.81 Ko)
SHOT OF TEQUILA Shot of tequila 2Shot of tequila 2 (249.13 Ko)
MESMERISED Mesmerised cba 2021 id148588Mesmerised cba 2021 id148588 (61.57 Ko)
RAMPAMPAM Rampampam id150459 2Rampampam id150459 2 (60.37 Ko)
SPOTLIGHT Spotlight id76616Spotlight id76616 (60.33 Ko)
WINTERGREEN Wintergreen id138867Wintergreen id138867 (61.08 Ko)
CAN WE JUST ? Can we just id147120Can we just id147120 (61.97 Ko)
GIVE ME SHIVERS Give me shivers 1Give me shivers 1 (258.04 Ko)
FAITHFUL SOUL  Faithful soul id136891 2Faithful soul id136891 2 (62.95 Ko)


MAJESTIC Majestic mayestic id127906 1Majestic mayestic id127906 1 (62 Ko)
OUT OUT Out out id155501 1Out out id155501 1 (61.96 Ko)
DANGER TWINS Danger twins id156866 1Danger twins id156866 1 (60.58 Ko)
PORTLAND CHA Portland cha id160178Portland cha id160178 (62.67 Ko)
CONTIGO WITH ME Contigo with me id155874Contigo with me id155874 (61.38 Ko)
VANOTEK CHA Vanotek cha id125210Vanotek cha id125210 (18.07 Ko)
WOW TOKYO Wow tokyo id93478Wow tokyo id93478 (61.4 Ko)

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